A Deeper Dive into Knowvember

So, you’ve checked out the website, maybe seen Knowvember on social media, but what really is it?

Knowvember is simple, it’s a new movement that aims to make what is now a novelty the norm: Climate Transparency

Why do this?

  • If brands aren’t transparent about their climate footprint, every time you shop, you can’t know what your real impact on the planet is
  • If products are labelled with their footprint, not only can we make informed decisions, it incentivises brands to reduce their impact on the planet.

We hope that one day the idea of Knowvember fades into memory, as every product in every supermarket and shop has their climate footprint on their packaging.

We’re proud to work with our partner brands, pioneering products who are setting the new trend by already displaying their footprints, as well as CarbonCloud; an independent platform that audits brands’ and their supply chains to give every product a precise and accurate footprint: the essential step for climate transparency.

We’re also proud to have Following the Footprints on board, a bulletin with the latest in climate transparency and environmentalism sure to be valuable anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest in progressive business practices in the realm of sustainability.

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