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Rubies in the Rubble: Environmentally Friendly Sauces

Condiments. But Gooder. Rubies in the Rubble make award-winning condiments, made gooder by using delicious ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Tasting great? Good.Fighting food waste too? Gooder. Our ketchups and relishes are made with fresh fruit & veg sourced directly from farms, whilst our mayo’s are made with aquafaba, a plant-based alternative toContinue reading “Rubies in the Rubble: Environmentally Friendly Sauces”

DAME: The World’s First Climate Positive Period Brand

DAME is on a mission to make periods positive for people and planet, that’s why we’re redesigning period products. Part of this is eliminating plastic, but we know that’s the tip of the (melting) iceberg when it comes to our environmental crisis. We scrutinise our entire supply chain and product life cycles to help youContinue reading “DAME: The World’s First Climate Positive Period Brand”

Jude’s Ice Cream: Britain’s First Carbon Negative Ice Cream

We’re Jude’s, Britain’s first Carbon Negative ice cream company, and a certified B Corp. Our mission is to pioneer radical change in our industry by creating the most unbelievably delicious ice cream (have you tried our vegan range?!) that is good for the planet. We started this journey by truly understanding our carbon footprint andContinue reading “Jude’s Ice Cream: Britain’s First Carbon Negative Ice Cream”

TENZING Natural Energy: The New Way to Energize Yourself

TENZING energises a new generation of people no longer wanting to compromise on their health or the planet.  We’re a B-Corp certified brand on a mission to change the way you think about energy from our ingredients to our sustainability pledges. That’s why we only borrow our energy from nature and make sure to give backContinue reading “TENZING Natural Energy: The New Way to Energize Yourself”

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